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A-Z Health handout: Including general info, good fats/oils and pages 5-6 Food List for anti-candida or generally non-bloating foods. clickhere: https://atozhealth.co.uk/uploads/90E7A01D-3B03-4FED-84BE-31F344C5390A.pdf


A-Z Health Breakfast suggestions: for Wheat / Gluten free breakfast for those with constipation or looking for healthy alternatives. click here https://atozhealth.co.uk/uploads/0F910BE8-EBD5-4FE6-B8B9-7EF86F41AB48.pdf


Timeless principles of Nutrition: Bypass the minefield and endless narratives placed on Nutrition, there are some things that stand the test of time. click here https://atozhealth.co.uk/uploads/53B4DD25-AD9D-4167-8D18-8A95B0715FDE.pdf


Further quick reference tool sheets from A-Z Health:

Click here: IBS food quick reference sheet


Probiotics what do they do?

Click here: https://atozhealth.co.uk/uploads/AA991816-5943-435F-87C7-50EAE1F0440F.pdf


Why add essential oils in abdominal massage?

Click here: https://atozhealth.co.uk/uploads/31349DE6-FC2D-4914-AE8B-42D0B87BCAFD.pdf


Note : For IBS the FODMAP guide is worth looking at in terms of Red and Green foods for bloating.


A-Z Health, your local Colon Hydrotherapy Centre is alway happy to help and advise you further with any aspects of the nutritional health advise that followed on from your Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment. Together we can clear up so many symptoms from IBS, to PCOS and Eczema.

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