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Celebrating 23 years of successfully healing 'gut' discomfort, Bloating, IBS symptoms and many other associated health issues.

Key Treatments:

-Colonic Hydrotherapy

-Bespoke Nutrition for Healing 

-Qualified Abdominal Massage 

-Hydrothermal & Infrared therapy



Dietary, Supplementation, Detoxing and Pre / Probiotic Advise.



-Microbiome Stool testing

-Private Lab Testings

-Food Intolerance and Allergy testing

-Women's Health Matters.






About Claire Harris MSc, BA(Hons)

Having originally suffered with IBS all her childhood and teens, and then developing atopic Eczema and PCOS after Universtiy, aged 22, Claire had to investigate her own health break down independently researching, as the UK medical system did not and still does not successfully assist individuals with any of these chronic issues without servere medication or else absolute neglect.  It was clear for Claire her symptoms where the results of a combination of living off the standard sugary, processed UK diet, normalising chronic stress and not addressing a slow bowel function.


Claire knew she would have to research to gain an understanding of how to heal or cleanse her body effectively from acute signs of poor health in order to thrive, was a sure sign to Claire she needed to gain a deeper understanding of the body - both with regard to physical health but also relating directly with our mind (mental and cognative health), Claire could see a clear correlation on gut health and overall wellbeing back then in 1999, when she was covered in atopic eczema and getting drawn into a mental black hole, with no medical consultants seeming to even realte nutrition to these matter. 


Claire could see how essential feeling on track with nutrition and bowel function will effect almost entirely our sense of capability and potential.  So after leaving her then planned career path that she had trained and taken her first company role in, Claire decided to take decisive action and studied at the Wood Institute in Florida. This was 24 years ago, under Helen Wood, an understudy to Dr Norman Walker, the founder of modern Colonic Hydrotherapy. Claire started her clinical Colonic and Nutritional Health work in London in 2001 working at The Hale Clinic. After deciding to move to the South of England for a more relaxed pace of life, Claire opened A-Z health, now also known as the Colonic Hydrotherapy Centre, in Southsea in 2007.



As a qualified, highly experienced Colon Hydrotherapist, with over 23 years clinical practice, Claire is a member of (ARCH) The Association of Registered-Colon Hydro-therapists and the (CNHC) Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.


Working with Claire

Claire always incorporates a range of nutritional understanding through her life long work in Nutrition including an (MSc) Masters in Nutrition and Behaviour from Bournemouth University to her practice.  Claire is certain to offer a confidential and caring service, with a gentle, kind and personal approach which puts you and your needs at the centre of everything she-does. She works with clients from Southsea, Portsmouth, The Isle of Wight, Gosport, Chichester, across the South downs and into Haslemere, Mid Hampshire.


"I understand it can be difficult receiving such a personal treatment, and I will help you throughout put your mind at rest and ensure you experience a comfortable, relieving and responsive experience."


A-Z Health Clinics

Claire is passionate not only about the practice of Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutrition combined but about the dynamic nature of Whole body / holistic wellbeing, Claire strives continually to create a healing sanctuary and process for each of her clients, which she demonstrates and has certainly achieved in the Colonic Hydrotherapy Centre and Nutritional Health Clinic in Southsea, and more recently at her mid week clinic for  Nutritional Health at Haslemere.


"My professional expertise ensures I get to the key factors and work accordingly to bring positive change and very tangible health improvements. I want to help you reset your gut and enjoy your life to the fullest."


Your First Session

To achieve this, it is critical for Claire to work with your particular and individual gut health issues, lifestyle and stress factors, to understand your symptoms and the causes in detail; from problems with bloating, weight gain, sluggishness, fatigue and general pain and discomfort...


About Claire's experience to healing  

Having experienced many of the symptoms herself including suffering from head-to-toe Eczema and PCOS when she was 22, Claire successfully treated herself to Colon Hydrotherapy and addressing her nutritional health regained her full health. As an IBS sufferer, from childhood Claire is well placed to understand your hopes of experiencing less bloating, find remedies to constipation, reduce overall discomfort and simply have a more positive life / lifestyle. She also knows your frustration and the task at hand often in achieving better health. This can be achieved though!



You can discuss: Colonic Hydrotherapy, Colon Cleansing, Gut Health, Constipation, Bloating, IBS symptoms, clearing Eczema, PCOS, Fatigue, and gain professional Nutrition advice, address Women's Health in a safe, compassionate space with treatments to directly help Pain, Tummy Ache and Gut Dysbiosis issues.


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