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Colonic Hydrotherapy and Contemporary Nutrition & Healing
Southsea and Haslemere clinics

Traditional Colon Hydrotherapy  'Colonics'

Under the care of longstanding practitioner

Claire Harris (MSc) Nutrition and Behaviour


Your initial consultation and treatment includes:


A-Z Health personalised assessment of your symptoms, general health and an explanation of the Colonic Hydrotherapy methodology.


Initial Treatment  - Allow for 2 hours at £95.00


Follow-up Treatments - Allow 1 hour 15mins at £78.00


Three treatments are the recommendation over a course of 3 months. A-Z health offers this at £220.00 all inclusive.


Feel free to ask Claire any questions or raise any concerns you may have. She will always be pleased to discuss any of these with you.


For each treatment at A-Z Health we include and utalise the benefits of:


Naturopathic priniciples of warm and cool hydrotherapy using the traditional, detoxing gravity-feed method and healing Infrared light therapy, a gentle colon massage with appropriate use of medicinal essential massage oils to suit symptoms also allow us to achieve optimal therapeutic colonic cleansing results.


During the treatment I will be happy to talk through your current nutrional and dietary routine and where necessary advise on optimising this with awareness of:  Vitamin and mineral supplementation and the use of Probiotics/Prebiotics and or herbal remedies relevant to your symptoms and conditionsw.


My overarching aim is to create a relaxing and healing environment to benefit and calm the nervous system and cellular metabolism to achieve optimal healing.


Other Related Consultations

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Supplements advisory service
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Establishing the right sequence for dietary and supplement benefits explained through combined consultation and colonic 

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